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About to undergo a CATARACT SURGERY? Don’t panic! Here’s your guide to post-op PRECAUTIONS

About to undergo a CATARACT SURGERY? Don’t panic! Here’s your guide to post-op PRECAUTIONS

When you or a loved one is detected with cataracts and advised to undergo cataract surgery, the prospect can raise a slew of questions, anxieties, and fears. One major source of concern is – What will happen during the cataract operation? And what should one expect after cataract surgery? These thoughts can certainly elevate a lot of our worries.

However, a thorough guide about precautions after cataract surgery can pacify your anxiety level and help you stay balanced throughout the recovery process.



Basis Dont’s Do’s
Driving ●        As a precaution after cataract surgery, you will be strictly advised not to drive, but this rule only applies to a few days post-surgery.

●        This is usually 3-4 days after surgery, but your doctor will need to clear you to drive first.

●        Following your first follow-up appointment, your surgeon will give you an anticipated time frame as in when you can drive again, based on your recovery speed.

●        Remember to arrange for a ride home prior to your surgery!
Eye Protection ●        Your eye(s) are immediately covered with a clear, protective shield to protect them from rubbing, dirt, and pollutants following surgery.

●        When you get home, after a few hours or so, you can remove this shield. However, do not throw away the shield because it must be worn while sleeping for 10 days after surgery.

●        Be aware that after removing the shield, your vision may become distorted for a few minutes.

●        The new, artificial lens must adjust to the light around you and may take several hours to wear off.

●        While you drive home after the operation, you will be given protective sunglasses to wear throughout your recovery when you are outside. Do wear these as one of the precautions after cataract surgery until you are advised by your surgeon not to.
Lighting ●        Another important precaution is to avoid bright, flashing lights for at least 24 hours after cataract surgery.

●        This includes light sources such as your television, mobile phone, tablet device, computer, laptop, and so on.

●        If your home has bright fluorescent lighting, try to turn it off and replace it with dim lamp lighting whenever possible.

●        Remember to relax and close your eyes as much as possible. They must heal and avoid being overstimulated.

●        Another piece of advice? Collect your prescription eye drops prior to your surgery. This allows you to go straight home and rest.

While Bathing ●        Yes, you are allowed to take a bath from.neck below after the surgery. However, proceed with extreme caution!

●        Do not splash or drench your face in or with water, especially soapy water. Stay away from doing so for at least 2 weeks after the surgery while your eye(s) heal.

●        If you need to wash your hair, make sure that you have assistance along, or go to your nearest hairdresser. Precaution must be taken, whatsoever!

●        During this first week, try using face wipes or damp face cloth as a precaution after cataract surgery. They are ideal for a thorough face cleanse.

Follow-up visits with the surgeon ●        This is one of the most important precautions after cataract surgery. As it is quite a vital stage in your recovery phase, your doctor evaluates your healing and prescribes medication. So, DO NOT miss them anyhow.

●        A month later, another follow-up appointment with a general eye doctor is usually scheduled. Try NOT missing that as well!

●        Your first appointment is a post-surgery check-up scheduled for the day following your surgery. Remember to schedule a ride to and from your surgeon’s office ahead of time.

●        Your surgeon will assess your healing progress and adjust medications to prevent infection.

●        If you have any questions or uneasiness regarding your recovery, this is the time to discuss them with your surgeon. If your recovery is on track, you should be able to drive a day or two after this appointment.

1. Do not skip completing your disinfectant eye-drop and antibiotic course

2. Post-op, keep your home space dust-free.

3. Do not scratch or rub your eyes

4. If you encounter vision loss or unusual pain, contact your surgeon immediately.


During the first week after the surgical procedure, your eye is essentially an open wound that can become infected very easily and that may invite additional impediments. So, you must stay attentive and vigilant while taking care of all the precautions after cataract surgery.

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