World Class Equipment - Samarth Eye Care

World Class Equipment

At our clinic, we use the following certified world class equipment for optimal treatment.

Orteli Caterex System, Switzerland (for Phacoemulsification , Stichless Cataract Surgery)

Axis II A Scan, Quantel, USA ( for IOL calculations in Cataract Surgeries)

Topcon NW8F Retinal Camera and Angiography Machine ( for diagnosis of retinal diseases)

Zeiss Cirrus 500 Version 8 OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography ), Carl Zeiss Meditech, Dublin , USA [For Advanced Retina & Glaucoma disease detection]

Zeiss Humphfrey Visual Fields Analyser ( HVF ), Carl Zeiss Meditech USA [ For Glaucoma and Neurological Visual Field testing]

AS Digital Slit Lamp with high-resolution HD Camera to capture high-quality images of the eye

Grand Seiko Autorefractor with Keratometer GR 3100 K, Japan [For computerized Spectacle Number]

Shin Nippon Non-Contact Tonometer ( NCT 200), USA (For checking Eye Pressure without touching the eye)

Lightmed 810 Retinal Laser [Lightmed, Taiwan] for retinal laser treatment

Yag Laser for post-operative capsulotomy

Zeiss Operating Microscope [Carl Zeiss Meditech, USA] for performing Cataract , Retinal and other eye surgeries

Contec Multi parameter Monitor ( For constant monitoring of patient during surgery)

Philips Cardiac Defibrillator for intraoperative patient safety

Boyles Apparatus Anesthesia Machine

LED Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope for Retinal Examination

High quality Lenses for precise diagnosis and treatment

Huvitz Digital Autolensmeter, South Korea (for checking spectacle number)

Digital LED Vision Charts

In-house Specialized Optical counter

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