Everything You Need To Know About Fusch’s Dystrophy
Everything You Need To Know About Fusch’s Dystrophy

Everything You Need To Know About Fusch’s Dystrophy

Fusch’s Dystrophy refers to an eye condition in which the patient’s cornea gets affected. A cornea is the done-shaped outer layer of your eyes through which you see the world.

Unlike other types of Dystrophy, Fusch’s Dystrophy can affect both of your eyes. Also, one eye gets affected more than the other. This eye disease may not indicate any signs or symptoms at the initial level, but it can cause vision loss if went unnoticed. In case of vision loss, surgery is the only option to restore your eyesight.

How to detect Fusch’s Dystrophy?

Fusch’s Dystrophy occurs in two stages. Firstly, the patient suffers from blurry vision while they wake up. It is because while sleeping, the corneal fluid builds up inside your eyes.

The second stage of Fusch’s Dystrophy includes a blurred vision that may last an entire day. Other symptoms include:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Night vision problems
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Swelling
  • Low vision in humid weather
  • Halo-like circles in the eyes at night time

In some cases, the patient experience blisters and cloudiness on the cornea. One must ensure to visit an expert or connect with our board-certified Ophthalmologist in Santacruz for surgery.

What causes Fusch’s Dystrophy?

Fusch’s Dystrophy is often caused due to epithelium dysfunction. An epithelium is a thin lining of blood vessels inside your eyes. Its cells are responsible for balancing fluid inside the cornea. It develops slowly and often hit the patient during their 30s or 40s. The condition can be genetic as well. Also, patients who have diabetes are at higher risk of developing such conditions, including Diabetic retinopathy. Samarth Eye Care has offered the best diabetic retinopathy treatment in Mumbai for decades and can help restore your lost vision through suitable treatments and conditions.


There are many therapies, treatments, and surgeries available to restore your vision at Samarth Eye Care Clinic. For a temporary fix, one can apply sodium chloride eye drops in their eyes to prevent dryness. However, expert consultation is wise for long-term results.

Connect with us to know more about Fusch’s Dysfunction and epithelium lining. We also offer Glaucoma surgery in Santacruz, Mumbai, and a wide-array of ophthalmology services under one roof. Book your appointment to get more insights on how to preserve your eyesight for a lifetime and beyond.

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