Everything You Should Know About Retinal Detachment and Why It is Important to Treat It
Everything You Should Know About Retinal Detachment and Why It is Important to Treat It

Everything You Should Know About Retinal Detachment and Why It is Important to Treat It

With age, the susceptibility to problems related to the eye increases. The occurrence of refractive errors, cataract, diabetic retinopathy (for diabetic patients), glaucoma and many more vision-related problems increases as we grow older and thus, it is critical to take care of your eyes. Further, with an objective to improve the awareness levels related to eye care, our experts at Samarth Eye Care, one of the renowned retina specialists in Mumbai, will shed some light on the importance of eye care and why one should not ignore the early symptoms of retinal problems. Did you know that a compromised retina could significantly hinder the quality of your life? Individuals with unhealthy retina could face difficulties while performing routine tasks such as driving, reading, and more. It is critical to see an eye specialist if you are experiencing vision-related problems and opt for an eye check-up without a blink of an eye. 

Often, we tend to ignore the fact that our eyes require continual care especially the retina – a thin tissue layer that is located close to the optic nerve. The retina is responsible to convert light from an object to neural signals and transmit them to the brain so that you can identify an object. Retinal problems occur when the retina is unable to receive light and possibly leading to a host of retinal problems including macular degeneration, floaters, diabetic eye disease, and retinal detachment among others. 

Samarth Eye Care, as one of the best clinics for retinas problems in Mumbai, provides out-and-out eye care treatments at affordable prices. Our highly trained eye experts have rich experience in providing advanced and highly reliable eye care treatment. Let’s dive in deep to understand the different retina problems, its causes, and how you can deal with the swelling and other problems related to the retina. 

What is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal detachment is a condition wherein the thin layer of tissue i.e. the retina moves from its actual position. The retina tends to move away from its original position with age or other conditions including diabetes. The gel-like material that can is typically found inside the eye starts becoming inconsistent and start separating from the retina and thus, causing a tear in the retina. Further, when this material which is also known as vitreous reaches the space behind the retina, it causes retinal detachment. However, there are eye care treatments available to address this problem. Ideally, individuals should seek treatment as soon as possible as it could cause permanent vision loss or blindness if left untreated.

What is the cure for retinal detachment?

What is the cure for retinal detachment is one of the most common questions asked by individuals suffering from this problem. Early detection of the retinal problem is important as in many cases, irreversible damage is caused to the eye. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, there are effective and highly reliable treatments available today. 

  • Laser treatment

Over the last decade, laser treatment has emerged as one of the safest and most reliable treatments to cure retinal detachment as the Laser assists in repairing the hold within the vitreous. 

  • Evacuation of the Vitreous

The gel-like material that enters the space behind the retina can be effectively moved and injected with liquid, gas, or air. 

  • Medication to the Eye

Eye care professionals inject medication to the eye to treat retinal detachments

  • Blood vessels

In some cases, shrinking of abnormal blood vessels is carried out to treat problems within the retina – ideally used for individuals suffering from retinal problems caused by diabetes. 

What is the best way to reduce or cure retinal swelling?

Swelling of the retina could occur due to a range of reasons including macular degeneration, surgery, scar tissue on the retinal surface and more. Eye experts assess the condition and recommend the most suitable treatment which could range from simple eye drops to surgery. However, it is essential to get your eyes checked and treated from the most experienced and retinal treatment in Mumbai.

What are the different ways to take care of the retina?

  • Diet

A well-balanced diet which includes green vegetables and the right amount of nutrients can ensure healthy retinal health. 

  • Hydration

It is essential for you to stay hydrated and drink water at regular intervals to build your immunity. 

  • Avoid Smoking

A lot of individuals are probably not aware of this but, smoking could significantly hamper your blood circulation to the retina. Thus, it is essential to avoid smoking to take optimum care of the retina. 

  • Exercise

Exercising plays a key role in regulating diabetes and mitigates the risks of retinal problems.

  • Use UV protected glasses

It is highly advisable to wear a pair of sunglasses or UV protected glares to prevent eye damage caused by the sun. 

  • Regular eye check-ups

Regular eye check-ups are very important to determine your eyes are in the best shape especially as you grow older. 

Why is an eye exam important?

Annual or biannual eye exams are important as they ensure your eyes are free from unwanted eye problems. Retinal problems can be detected during an eye exam in which ophthalmologists use a magnifying glass to introspect the eye. Our experts will then evaluate the shape, location, and size of the different nerves and tissues to detect any abnormalities. The microscopic view of the eye provides a clear understanding of the overall condition of the eye. 

Recent advances in the eye care field have made given birth to a range of highly safe and efficient treatments to cure retinal problems. At Samarth Eye Care, we offer a broad range of treatments for numerous eye problems. We have established ourselves as one of the best retina specialists in Mumbai by offering effective, reliable, and highly safe eye treatments. Our experts are highly skilled and have an in-depth understanding of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of all types of eye problems. If you are suffering from eye problems, schedule an appoint with us today!

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