Eye Specialists Suggest That LASIK Can Be A Game-Changer For The Growing IT Crowd Of India
Eye Specialists Suggest That LASIK Can Be A Game-Changer For The Growing IT Crowd Of India

Eye Specialists Suggest That LASIK Can Be A Game-Changer For The Growing IT Crowd Of India

It’s not just the IT companies, but almost every business today involves someone using a computer throughout the day. However, it’s a staple for an IT professional, so this article will be more relevant for them than anyone else.

Vision problems due to eye strain and permanent distortions in the cornea are almost inevitable for today’s digital workforce. And though prescription glasses and contact lenses help compensate for the loss of vision it causes, they don’t rectify the issue in any way.

Many IT professionals now ask for a more permanent solution to their aggravating vision problems while visiting their Eye hospital in Santacruz and around Mumbai. And considering the fortune IT professionals spend on eyewear and eye treatments every year, many eye specialists believe that modern LASIK Eye Surgery can be a game-changing, money-saving option for all of them.

Our eye specialist at Samarth Eye Care states the following facts when asked why IT professionals with severe vision disorders should opt for LASIK eye surgery:

It’s Safe & Painless

Lasik is one of the few surgeries today that can guarantee a success rate of as high as 96% with minimal risk of side effects, less than 1% even.

And as the laser procedure is almost painless, you won’t have to put in leave for multiple days.

Any IT professional can have this surgery over the weekend and get back to work the next week without any downtime.

The Recovery & Results Are Instant

Other than not touching or rubbing your eyes and wearing an eye shield, there is no significant precaution to follow after a Lasik surgery.

One and have a shower the very next day since there are no sutures or dressings to protect.

Moreover, you’ll experience a significant improvement in your overall vision from the next day itself.

It Offers Decades Of Clarity & Hygiene For Eyes

Being a professional, you can’t afford to spend valuable time on repetitive eye treatments and buying eyewear every year.

And though fashionable eyewear is intriguing, you must know that they can also help bacterias and germs enter our eyes and cause different health issues, such as infections, allergies, headaches, and nasal congestions.

Lasik leaps over all these issues and fixes the root causes of your vision problems, and frees you from ever wearing anything on the eyes.

Bonus Tip – It Improves Night & Peripheral Vision!

Many IT professionals who have opted for Lasik eye surgery in Santacruz have reported that they experienced a surprising improvement, not only in their day vision but also in their night vision and peripheral eyesight.

This shouldn’t be surprising as the Lasik procedure fixes your entire field of vision by reshaping the cornea.

All of us are increasingly becoming aware of the different ways to manage our health while working with screens throughout the day during the pandemic. And Lasik can be an excellent health investment for anyone seeking a permanent solution for prolonged improved vision.

If you’re a professional who’ll probably spend your life working on screens, we suggest that you reach out to our Eye specialist in Santacruz and learn more about how Lasik can help you lead a safe and eye-friendly life.

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