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How to Get the Best LASIK Surgery Recovery

How to Get the Best LASIK Surgery Recovery

A human eye is the most sensitive organ and needs light to function effectively. While considering LASIK surgery, make sure you consult the best eye specialist. If you are looking for the best eye specialist in Bandra East, Mumbai, Samarth eye centre is known for its best cornea specialist doctors in Bandra. We perform LASIK eye surgery with the latest femtosecond technique at the best affordable prices.

Who is an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery?

To get the best LASIK surgery, you first need to determine if you are suitable for the treatment. At our centre, we first examine the patient’s medical history, perform a few tests, and then only recommend LASIK surgery if the criteria are fulfilled. To consider a LASIK surgery, one must have:

  • A healthy eye with no eye injection, eye injury, conjunctivitis, or dry eyes syndrome
  • The patient should be of age above 18
  • No fluctuations in their contact lens prescription for a year
  • Pregnant women should delay their LASIK surgery until delivery

In case you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK eye surgery, do not get disappointed. There are many advanced alternate treatment options available for individual patients to get an improved vision. Consult our best eye specialist in Bandra East, Mumbai, to know more on each treatment.

Tips to have a safe LASIK recovery

LASIK eye surgery is a safe procedure, and our best cornea specialist in Santa Cruz make sure the patients receive an improved vision. To achieve this, we strongly recommend our patients the following tips:

  • Follow a healthy diet. Add more green and vegetables that benefit your eyesight
  • For the first five to six weeks, wear eye shields to protect your eyes from getting hurt accidentally in sleep
  • Stay away from dust, smoke, and pollution
  • Do not wear eye makeup for the first few weeks
  • Prevent your eyes from getting in contact with soap and water while bathing
  • Take your prescribed eye drops after thoroughly washing your hands
  • Avoid swimming and hot tubes to get a smooth and healthy LASIK surgery recovery

We, at Samarth eye care, understand how important is someone’s eyesight and the pain that patients go through due to poor vision. Therefore, we keep updating our equipment and treatment approaches to deliver the latest and advanced treatment. Book your appointment or call us to know more about LASIK eye surgery and eye treatments.

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