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Lasik Surgery What You Should Do Pre And Post Surgery

Lasik Surgery What You Should Do Pre And Post Surgery

A Laser-assisted In-situ Keratomileusis or a LASIK treatment is an advanced optical procedure that is performed to correct the refractive errors in an individual’s vision. In this procedure, the cornea is reshaped using a cold laser (excimer) that offers high levels of accuracy.

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This blog is a compilation of what you should do before and after a LASIK surgery to ensure the best outcome from the LASIK treatment.

Here are a few points you need to remember before and after a LASIK surgery for a favourable outcome.

Before surgery

• Once you take a call on going ahead with the LASIK treatment, an initial evaluation is necessary to determine whether or not you are suitable for the surgery. After the exam, our experts will discuss with you if you are a right candidate, the risks, the benefits, what you should expect after the surgery and what you should do post-surgery to maintain good eye health.

• Before the surgery, it is essential as a patient to clear your doubts and voice your concerns to our experts. Our experts are trained professionals who will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease before the surgery.

• Consider the pro’s and con’s and then take the final call if you want to go ahead with the LASIK treatment.

The day before the surgery you should:

• Stop using creams
• Do not apply any lotions
• Avoid wearing makeup
• Do not use perfume or deodorant

The debris of the mentioned products along the eyelashes could increase the risk of infection at the time of the surgery as well as after the surgery.

• Arrange for transportation on the day of the surgery as you will not be able to drive post-surgery due to the medication given to you. It is essential you have someone to drive you around as your vision is blurry post-surgery and will impair your ability to drive. Moreover, wear clothes that are comfortable so that you feel at ease during your laser surgery in Mumbai.

After surgery

After your LASIK surgery, it is normal if your eyes burn, itch, or some amount of discomfort. Our experts will offer you a pain reliever in case you experience mild pain.

• Although your eyes may get watery post-surgery, you should avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs. Rubbing your eyes could displace the position of the flap which may require additional treatment to fix.
• You are also likely to feel sensitive towards the light; your eyes may turn red, and see haloes around lights. These effects fade away after a few days post-surgery. It is highly recommended you take a few days off post-surgery till these symptoms subside.

• Schedule a visit to Samarth Eye Clinic if the symptoms do not fade away after a few days, and there is a pain.

• Further, visit eye experts within 48 hours after the surgery and at regular intervals in the six months after the surgery so that they can evaluate and examine your eye. The doctor will remove the eye shield and test your vision.

• Our experienced doctors will offer you one or more types of eye drops to ensure there is no infection of inflammation.

• Avoid wearing contact lenses in the eye that has been operated even if your vision is blurry.

• Avoid playing contact sports such as football, boxing, karate, etc. for around 3-4 weeks. Moreover, wait for about 2-4 days before playing non-contact games.

• Limit your screen time for around a week post-surgery and avoid any screens for 1-2 days after the surgery.

• Wear sunglasses when you step out to avoid any strain on your eyes

• Adhere to the plan curated by our surgical care team and do not skip the medication given to you


A LASIK treatment is one of the most effective treatments to correct the refractive errors in the eyes. Although LASIK is safe and enjoys a high success rate, it is crucial to understand what you should do before and after the surgery. Post-surgery care is critical to ensure that your eyes are in the best shape after the LASIK treatment.

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