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Retinal Detachment: What you need to know

Retinal Detachment: What you need to know

Retinal detachment is a serious medical condition that occurs when the retina separates from the back of the eye. This results in partial or complete loss of vision depending on how much of the retina is detached. Samarth Eye Care is the best eye clinic in Santacruz for retina treatment in Mumbai.

What are the types of Retinal Detachment?

There are three types of Retinal Detachment:


Rhegmatogenous is the most prevalent type of retinal detachment that occurs due to a hole or tear in the retina. This allows fluid from within your eye to slip through the opening and get accumulated behind the retina. It backs out the retina away from the underlying layers and results in retinal detachment. This type of retinal detachment generally occurs with age. However, it can be a result of an eye injury or nearsightedness as well.


Tractional retinal detachment generally occurs in people with uncontrollable diabetes. This kind of retinal detachment is caused due to growth of various scar tissues on the retina’s surface that results in the retina getting pulled from the back portion of the eye.


Exudative retinal detachment occurs due to age-related macular degeneration, injury, or some inflammable diseases. In this condition, fluid gets accumulated under or near the retina and pushes the retina away from the tissue behind it.

What are the symptoms of Retinal Detachment?

A detached retina doesn’t cause any pain and may take place even without coming to your notice. The various symptoms of retinal detachment include:

  • Acute floaters and altered vision
  • Blurred eyesight
  • Reduced peripheral vision
  • Sudden flashes of light occurring in the affected eye

What are the risk factors of Retinal Detachment?

The risk of Retinal detachment tends to increase with the following factors:

  • Age (above 50)
  • Genetic history of retinal detachment
  • Severe myopia
  • A past eye surgery, such as cataract surgery
  • Eye injury or an eye disorder
  • Lattice degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy 


Diagnosis for Retinal Detachment

For the diagnosis of retinal detachment, the doctor gives you eye drops that widen your pupil. Then a thorough eye examination is performed, which include the detailed analysis of the following:

  • The physical appearance of the eye
  • Vision
  • Eye pressure
  • Ability to see colours
  • Blood flow in the retina
  • The ability of the retina to transmit impulses to the brain

Retina Treatment in Mumbai

There are various treatment options available for retinal detachment. Some of them are as follows:

Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery or Photocoagulation involves sealing the retinal tear using a laser, which heals the traumatized tissue and places the retina back in a stable position.


In a vitrectomy, the doctor uses small equipment to replaces the scar tissue or the abnormal vascular and the vitreous gel with a gas bubble or oil. Then the retina is placed back in the proper position. This treatment is generally used for large tears.


Cryosurgery involves the application of extreme cold to destroy the abnormal tissue. In this process, the doctor applies a freezing probe outside the eye in the detached retinal area.

Pneumatic Retinopexy

Retinopexy involves injecting tiny gas bubbles into the vitreous gel, which presses against the upper part of the retina and closes the tear. This technique is generally useful for repairing minor detachments.

Scleral buckle

This treatment technique involves the introduction of thin strips of silicon tubing onto the sclera. Buckling of Sclera is done in cases of severe detachments.

Retinal detachment should be brought to a doctor’s attention at the earliest stage to avoid any serious surgery or permanent vision loss. The team of experts at Samarth Eye Care is led by the best retina specialist in Mumbai and provide the best eye treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. We use the latest equipment and treat our patients in a caring and cooperative environment. So if you are looking to get retina treatment in Mumbai, book an online appointment with us.

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