The Diabetic Eye Awareness Month
The Diabetic Eye Awareness Month

The Diabetic Eye Awareness Month

The month of November is observed as an awareness month for diabetic eyes. It is a condition in which chronic high blood sugar damages the blood vessels of the eye, causing a considerable decrease in vision and even vision loss in advanced cases. It is imperative to understand the need to take caution if you have diabetes. 

Our team of ophthalmologists and eye specialists are spreading awareness for diabetic eyes by discussing a few essential points with our patients. Following are some of the common questions that our eye experts frequently answer.

How does Diabetes impact our eyes?

Diabetes makes it difficult to produce or use insulin hormone. As a result, the body cannot ingest excess glucose. This leads to high blood sugar and damages the blood vessels in the eyes, causing various eye problems. Some of these eyes problems are:

  1. Diabetes retinopathy-It is the most common eye problem caused due to high sugar levels. A retina is a group of cells in the back of our eyes that transmit visual information to the brain for processing through the optic nerve. Diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels, further causing vision impairment, blurry vision, and other interrelated problems.
  2. Cataract– The lens of our eyes converges images on the retina. High blood sugar causes swelling and clouding in the lens that leads to cataracts that cause blurred or glared vision.
  3. Glaucoma– In this condition, the blood vessels become narrow, increasing the internal pressure and causing damage to these vessels. A diabetic patient has twice the probability of developing glaucoma than an average person.

How to observe Diabetic Eye Awareness month?

The primary reason for spreading awareness about Diabetic Eye Awareness month is to preserve your overall health. You can benefit from it by following the specific steps given below.

    1. Get Tested– Testing is the best preventional step towards any systemic diseases. If you have diabetes or have a family history of diabetes, you should be twice as cautious about getting your checkup and tests done as the possibility of developing diabetic eye increases in such cases. Also, if you have troublesome eye symptoms like blurry vision, you should get yourself tested. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common consequence of diabetes. Fortunately, Diabetic retinopathy treatment in Mumbai is readily available. It’s better not to delay as it can lead to vision loss.
    2. Feel the encouragement and encourage others as well- Social media is a tool to spread awareness. It works like reminders for us in the process of becoming aware. So, the least we can do is get our loved ones and ourselves tested and spread awareness about diabetic eyes on social media. Being aware is a good practice because in several instances many eye disorders creep into our lives unnoticed, so testing brings out the condition of our eye.
  • Convince someone for an eye examination –  For a good cause, make someone aware of the importance of their eye health and convince them to take an eye examination. Many unprivileged people cannot afford necessary eye tests. If you can, at least sponsor an eye test for one needy person. Also, you must continue your campaign of spreading awareness and convince more people to take up an eye test.

What is the significance of this month?

The significance is to create awareness among the people so that tackling eye-related problems becomes easy. Some key goals of this diabetic awareness drive are to make people understand :

    1. Both types of diabetes can trigger diabetic eyes – There are two types of diabetes, type-1, and type-2. Often people confuse one of these types to be responsible for causing diabetic eyes, which isn’t true as diabetic eyes can develop in both cases. If you have diabetes, you at more at risk of developing eye problems, and hence, should take more precautions.
  • Vision loss is scary – Think of how beautiful life is when you can see it and just imagine for a fraction of a minute what your life would be in case you lose your eyesight. To avoid such adversity, it is crucial to be cautious of your eye health and seek immediate consultation whenever necessary.

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