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The Importance of Regular Retinal Test

The Importance of Regular Retinal Test

You can read this because of your eyes. Our eyes play a crucial role in life; it helps us carry on different activities every day. One cannot imagine their life without healthy eyesight. But, how many of you regularly visit an eye hospital in Mumbai for a routine eye check-up?

Like any other organs in the body, eyes malfunction too, as we age. Poor eyesight and retinal detachment are some common problems most of the individuals suffer. The good thing is, you can rule out these severe eye conditions with a regular retina test.

The Importance of Retinal Test

Usually, our eyes don’t show any symptoms when something gets disrupted inside. Redness and itchiness are instantly addressed with an ice compressor or a power nap. Did you know? Most of the severe retinal diseases have no or fewer symptoms. Doctors diagnose the retinal disease often during their patient’s visits for routine check-ups. Others find out when they approach their eye specialist for some different eye problems.
As per WHO reports, 80% of the people who become blind can prevent it with regular eye check-ups!

Who should consider regular eye check-ups?

When an individual starts aging, like any other organs, their eyes decrease its functioning process and gets weak. Therefore, people above age 50 should never skip their regular eye check-up appointments. Other categories of people who should consider regular eye exams are:

  • Individuals in their 40s
  • Patients who are at higher risk of developing glaucoma
  • Individuals who wear contact lens and eyeglasses
  • Diabetic patients
  • Individuals with a family history of eye disease

When to seek an eye exam?

One must visit their eye specialist once a year for routine eye check-up to prevent severe eye disease. However, if you have witnessed the following symptoms, immediately consult our Eye hospital in Santacruz:

Disrupted Vision: If you have developed floaters that move around the eyes and disrupt your vision, immediately seek eye examination.

Difficulty Focusing: If you find difficulty focusing on one object or experience blurred vision, seek a retinal test.

Diabetes/High Blood Pressure: If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s wise to get your eyes checked once or twice every year. Diabetic patients are at higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. Managing the glucose-sugar levels and blood pressure can help minimize the risks.

Night Blindness: If you have difficulty seeing objects in dim light or at night, its high-time to consult an expert eye specialist for a retinal exam.

Retinal eye tests help prevent these conditions at an early stage. It detects the symptoms and corrects your vision to offer healthy eyesight for a lifetime. Therefore, never skip your routine eye check-up. To learn more about eye disease, Retina treatment in Mumbai, and alternative care treatment, you can connect with us at Samarth Eye Hospital.

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